In-kind donations

Make an in-kind donation

In-kind donations of services and products really help us meet our goals. Just like any business, we have operating overhead where these can help. In-kind donations can also go along way to helping our supported programs. In-kind donations are tax-deductible.

Be sure you contact us prior to donating to ensure that we make use of your in-kind donation.

We value in-kind donations just as much as cash. In fact, the trailer used by Chap Robotics to transport equipment to competitions and events was an in-kind donation from a participant’s parent. (Thanks, David!)

Here are some ideas of materials and services that would be of benefit:

  • Meals and refreshments for late student-work nights or at events
  • Fun events for program participants (movie nights, Laser Tag, etc.)
  • Printing and finishing services
  • Office space for WESTA (we do not currently have a physical address)
  • Shop tools (contact a Board member or team coach to see if what you have in mind is needed)
  • Mascot costumes
  • Team uniforms
  • Spirit supplies
  • Shop space
  • Marketing giveaways (for use at competitions)
  • Strategic planning services
  • Auditing services
  • Public relations and advertising
  • Fundraising consultation services
  • Grant-writing assistance
  • Meeting space