Mentor a team

Mentor a program

This really let’s you see our programs in action. Most STEM-competition programs, particularly robotics, depend on volunteers from business and industry who work side-by-side with student participants. All you need is an interest in helping youth become inspired about STEM-disciplines and becoming successful, conscientious, responsible adults.

Most programs operate in much the same way as a small business does so there are lots of different mentor roles. While some knowledge of engineering or technology helps, there are many mentor opportunities where it is definitely not required. In addition to technical areas (mechanical, electrical, programming, website development, etc.), there are many non-technical areas from which one or more of our programs benefit from mentoring or just adult guidance. Sometimes, a team’s coach or mentors just need to be there to nudge the kids to keep them on task and on target.

Coaching and mentoring can be hard work, but it’s terrific fun. Be careful though…you might just learn a lot yourself.

Explore our programs and, for more information on mentoring any one, contact the program’s coach or one of its active mentors. (Acceptance as a program mentor may be subject to a criminal background check.)