About Us

We’ve seen it happen. Youth involved in our programs who parents used to have to drag to school, we now have to convince to go home at the end of day—they’re having too much fun doing and learning. These children are excited about their futures in STEM and STEM-related careers. Plus, they develop not only technical skills, but sought after skills not typically gained in a traditional educational environment—highly sought after skills like business etiquette, public speaking, time management, and the ability to work on a team.

Make an investment in helping inspire and empower today’s youth for a brighter tomorrow—donate to WESTA now! There are also lots of other ways you can contribute.

Here are some quick facts about WESTA, but we encourage you to explore our site to learn more.

  • We work hard (and have fun) encouraging young people to achieve through involvement in and support of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) competition programs.
  • Our current focus is Eanes ISD robotics programs, primarily FIRST Robotics and BEST Robotics (as part of the Capitol BEST Hub).
  • Our long-term vision includes the extension of support to similar programs, both school- and community-based, and events throughout Austin, as well as provision of an independent shop space (that may be available to the public).

95+% of funds raised go directly to supported programs; WESTA is 100% volunteer run.