Shop or search to help

If you shop online, or even if you just search the web, you can help earn WESTA funds. How easy is that? You can help us simply by doing something you already do anyway. Sweet.

WESTA’s Amazon Marketplace

Amazon_logoClick the Amazon logo shown here or the above link to visit our Amazon to have any of your Amazon purchases earn a percentage for our programs. For WESTA to benefit, you must use one of these links, or use the URL to access Amazon.

Shop to earn

iGive_LogoClick the iGive logo (or go to for a fast way to join this shopping portal with 650+ vendors and make your online shopping benefit WESTA. There is no cost to you, and it really helps us. The links here automatically set us as your iGive cause. If you visit iGive directly, you’ll need to manually search for  and set “Westlake & Eanes Science & Technology Association” as your cause. iGive not only offers a great, varied selection of stores for just about any product or service you can think of, it also:

  • Provides a browser plugin that automatically activates iGive anytime you visit one of their member vendor sites, letting you know by displaying the iGive On Insignia. This makes it effortless to let your online shopping benefit WESTA.
  • Gives you access to vendor coupons so you can reap extra discounts and deals.
  • Lets you make you everyday web searches earn a penny each for WESTA.

Read more on How iGive Works at their site.

Search to Earn

Use for your web searches and earn a penny per search for your cause (learn more). You must have already joined iGive, identified us as your cause, and click the Web search tab (available on the iGive home page) for your searches to earn a penny for WESTA, but just think about how quickly those pennies could add up!