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Looking for a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) summer camp for your child? STEMConnect could be the answer. We offer a variety of camps for children rising to any grade from 3 to 9. These include corporate-partnership camps and public camps. More info on STEMConnect here.

Public Camps

Register for Summer 2017 Public Camp
We run our public camps in cooperation with EISD Community Education program. Visit the EISD Community Education site for details and registration links. Summer 2017 camps include:

  • 5th–7th grade 
    • Learn the Basics of MIT App Inventor (Scratch for Android Apps)
  • 6th–8th grade
    • LEGO® EV3 Robot Soccer
    • VEX IQ Advanced Challenge
    • VEX IQ Challenge Crossover
    • Self-Propelled Vehicles and Sphero
  • 6th–9th grade
    • 3D Design and Computer-Assisted Drafting
  • 7th–9th grade
    • Learn the Basics of Python and Program a Mindstorms® Robot
    • Learn the Basics of Swift and How to Make an iPhone/iPad App
    • 9th grade
    • Learn the Basics of Java and Program a Mindstorms Robot

Corporate-Partnership Camps

Initiated by FRC® Team 2468, Team Appreciate, at Westlake High School, STEMConnect is a partnership between FIRST® teams and corporate sponsors on-site for children of employees. Most business love win-win solutions. As a STEMConnect corporate partner, you get a win-win-win-win-win. Yes, a 5-way win!

STEMConnect provides:

  1. Opportunities for corporate partners to benefit their communities by supporting STEM directly
  2. Opportunities for corporate partners to support their employees and their families
  3. A revenue stream and mentoring experience for a local FIRST team or program
  4. An convenient and educational summer program option for parents
  5. An enriching and inspiring experience for all the students

Corporate partners are asked to provide on-site facilities, laptops for use during the camps, and internal marketing of the STEMConnect camps. The hosting FRC team provides the rest, including adult supervision, student mentors, curriculum, robot or other kits and supplies. FRC Team 2468 and WESTA also provide an online registration system that allows for easy online signup and payment, including any necessary ‘paperwork’.*

Team Appreciate has already partnered with other FRC teams in Arizona and California to extend its corporate partnership camps to campuses of partners in those states. WESTA can ensure that, upon request, any multi-location camp offers a unified registration process, providing all corporate employees with the same registration experience.

For more information, download a STEMConnect brochure or contact a STEMConnect representative.

About the STEMConnect program

The STEMConnect model was created by FRC Team 2468, Team Appreciate (Westlake High School; Austin, TX), as an engineering inspiration initiative. In fact, introducing participants to LEGO robotics resulted in the creation of several FLL® teams.

Initially, the model was launched through a corporate-partnership (also known as a business-to-business or B2B) model. The model as proved an outstanding success! Overwhelming demand for expanded camp offerings led not only to the inclusion of interested members of FTC® teams at Westlake High School as camp mentors, but Team 2468’s identification of FRC teams in other areas to host STEMConnect camps at its corporate partners’ campuses outside the Austin area, including some FRC Hall of Fame Teams.

Because of increased demand in the Team 2468 and WESTA community for high-quality camps, such as those offered through our corporate-partnership model, for the general public. This led to creation of a partnership with Eanes Community Education. This allows Team 2468 and WESTA to offer camps at Eanes ISD facilities. Eanes Community Education handles the registration process for this camps, but the schedule, curriculum, leadership, and mentors are all provided by Team 2468, other robotics teams at Westlake High School, and WESTA.

The STEMConnect program also provides a key fundraising channel for FRC Team 2468 and the rest of the Westlake Robotics program, as well as for other involved FRC teams.

* Teams other than FRC Team 2468 hosting STEMConnect camps may opt not to use this system, unless required by the corporate partner.