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WESTA coordinates and sponsors various events every year. These include STEM competitions, fundraising events, awards banquets, etc. We frequently need volunteers to assist with specific events, including competition judges, competition referees and field resetters, information desk staff, hospitality workers, tour guides, and others. WESTA also welcomes those who simply want to help with general business tasks. For more information, contact any Board member, committee chair, or program coach.


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  1. Hi, I am currently studying to get my associates in Networking; I have had experience replacing hardware and updating operating and restoring image. I have some experience trouble shooting computer problems. I know basic information about setting up maintaining and troubleshooting network problems.

    • While WESTA doesn’t have need for any computer networking assistance, there may be other opportunities for you to volunteer. We’re run entirely by volunteers and are a virtual organization (i.e., we have no brick-and-mortar office and, therefore, no computer network). We are looking for volunteers to help with our website, but this involves site design and content management. There are also plenty of opportunities to volunteer if you’re interested in mentoring high school students in the areas of programming (LabVIEW, RobotC), electronics, mechatronics, and generate business.

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