Join us in supporting and inspiring youth in maintaining their interest and achieve in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through participation in robotics competition programs and STEM research activities. Stay up-to-date on program and WESTA happenings by joining our mailing list.donate_now

To donate online, just click the big red button on this page. For other ways you can help, including via your online shopping and searches, see our Donate Now page for more information. WESTA works hard to keep operating overhead to a minimum. As of the end of our 2016-2017FY, 95% of donated funds went directly to our programs. Not many nonprofits can say that.

These programs work! Not only do the students have FUN, they really LEARN a lot. Many credit involvement in these programs for putting them on track for their future careers. Most of our program graduates go on to pursue post-secondary education in STEM or STEM-related disciplines, as well as careers in STEM. Every senior from our 2017 graduating class is headed to a university. More than one or two were accepted by multiple universities, leaving them with happy but challenging choices.

In the 2016-2017 school year, our sponsorship extends to 22 competition robotics teams in our immediate service area. These teams not only produce great competition robots, but are involved in extensive outreach efforts with our community, city, state, region, country, and in locations as far away as South Korea. They want to be sure that as many children as possible, around the globe, experience the fun and learning uniquely provided through competition robotics.

For information on our specific programs, select an option from the Program Overview menu. There you can find links to the websites for the programs themselves and see how successful our programs have been in competition.

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