2013-2014 EOY Congrats


Three WESTA-sponsored Chap Robotics teams qualified for and competed at FIRST® World Championships April 23-26, 2014, at the Edward Jones Dome! WESTA is especially proud to sponsor one of the few programs to have a team in 3 of the 4 FIRST programs represented at Championships. [FIRST Quick Facts]

FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC®)
For FRC, Championships brings together 400 qualifying teams from 2,720 teams based in 91 cities around the globe.  At Championships, teams are divided into 4 divisions: Archimedes, Curie, Galileo, and Newton. [Complete results]
FIRST Team 2468, Team Appreciate
  • Winner, Engineering Inspiration Award, Curie Division
This award pre-qualifies Team Appreciate for the 2014 FIRST World Championship. It also comes with a $5,000 award from NASA that pays Team Appreciate’s registration fee next year’s Championship.
  • Quarterfinalist, Curie Division
FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC®)
For FTC, Championships includes 128 teams from 3,236 teams worldwide that qualified at Super-Regional or International Championships. At Championships, teams are divided into two divisions: Edison and Franklin. [Complete results]
FIRST Team 3781, Westlake Pi-Rho Maniacs (competed in Franklin Division)
  • 2nd place, PTC Design Award
  • FedEx® Social Media Award
This award includes a $5,000 grant.
For FLL, Championships includes 80 teams from among 22,840 in nearly 80 countries.  [Complete results]
FIRST Team 10831, The Hill Country Hedgehogs
  • 2nd place, Project -Research


The Road to 2014 Champs

2014 Chap Robotics teams received multiple awards during the 2013/14 season.

FIRST Team 2468, Team Appreciate

  • 2014 Chairman’s Award, Hub City Regional (Lubbock, TX) — qualified team for 2014 FRC World Championships
  • 2014 Winner, Hub City Regional (Lubbock, TX) — qualified team for 2014 FRC World Championships
  • 2014 Dean’s List Finalist Award, Michael Keim (class of 2014), Hub City Regional (Lubbock, TX)
  • 2014 Woodie Flowers Finalist Award, Scott McMahon, Alamo Regional (San Antonio, TX)
  • 2014 Entrepreneurship Award (3), Alamo Regional (San Antonio, TX), Hub City Regional (Lubbock, TX), and Bayou Regional (Kenner, LA)
  • 2014 Finalist (2) Alamo Regional (San Antonio, TX), Bayou Regional (Kenner, LA)

This is Team Appreciate’s seventh FRC season. For more details on FRC, visit usfirst.org, including the 2014 Season Overview. You can also view an animation of the 2014 FRC game challenge, Aerial AssistSM.

FIRST Team 3781, The Pi-Rho Maniacs

  • 1st place, PTC Design Award, 2014 FTC South Super-Regional (San Antonio, TX) – qualified the team for 2014 FTC World Championships

You can also view an animation of the 2014 FTC game challenge, Block PartySM.

FIRST Team 11831, The Hill Country Hedgehogs

  • 1st place, Champion’s Award, 2014 FLL Central Texas Regional Championship – qualified team for 2014 FLL World Festival
  • 2nd place, Champion’s Award, 2013 FLL Hill Country Qualifier
  • 1st place, Performance Award, 2013 FLL Hill Country Qualifier – qualified team for the Central Texas Regional Championship

You can also view an animation of the 2014 FLL game challenge, Nature’s FurySM.


2013-2014 EOY Congrats — 2 Comments

  1. I am a coach for the Griffin Sprog FLL team in the UK, in addition to our FRC team The Griffins 1884 (we competed with you in Curie this year). I am trying to get in touch with the Hill Country Hedgehogs mentors. I am keen to improve our FLL project preparations for the upcoming season, and I would very much appreciate any observations they have about it. It would be very helpful to see what a world-class presentation looks like. Could you put me in touch with them? I would love to see their project materials, and especially any video of their presentation.

    Christopher Goff
    FIRST Lego League
    ASL Griffins Senior Mentor

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